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Rentugo, the alternative solution for commercial vehicles

What is RentUgo?

RentUgo offers solutions that suit your commercial needs.

We help businesses find the best solutions for financing their commercial vehicles.

Regardless of your current position, our specialists will listen to you and suggest solutions that meet your business requirements.

Commercial vehicle financing

Who uses RentUgo ?

Whether you are or, RentUgo offers programs for all types of commercial vehicles. Our clients manage to obtain vehicles that are suited to their needs. Need fast and efficient service ? RentUgo !

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Frequently asked questions

RentUgo offers solutions to suit your needs

Low interest rates

What are the interest rates offered for commercial vehicles?

Interest rates are based on you income, your repayment capacity and your credit history.
Fragile finance state?

I have a mention of bankruptcy on record, am I still eligible?

Yes. If you have paid your contribution, your payments are up to date and you have filled the same job for 3 months with a $1200 per month income, you are eligible for RentUgo financing.
Who is RentUgo for ?

What are the eligibility criteria ?

  • 18 years old +
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Employed for at least 3 months
  • Canadian resident
  • A minimum income of $1200 per month
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Type of commercial vehicles

Why fund your commercial vehicle with RentUgo ?

Regardless of the position your business is in, RentUgo will be there for you!

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Refrigerated trucks

Trucks with aerial platform

Trucks with tail lift

Trucks and trailers

Closed trailers

Open trailers

Rentugo Commercial Vehicle Financing

Thousands of Quebec businesses have chosen RentUgo for funding their commercial vehicles

Kassandra Gagnon
Small business owner

Thank you ! I am glad to have chosen RentUgo for financing our commercial vehicles. Their specialists are highly trained and their service is excellent !

Étienne Lord
Real estate agency owner

Wow, awesome service ! I had not known this company before, but I highly recommend it. Prompt response, courteous staff and an easy application.

Roger Brunet
General contractor

RentUgo provided appropriate solutions for my two commercial vehicles. It is now my favourite destination for obtaining simple and efficient financing.

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Rentugo Commercial Vehicle Financing

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We offer alternative 2nd and 3rd chance credit lease financing solutions, allowing our customers to acquire the vehicle that meets their needs.

We finance all types of vehicles.