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Rentugo, the alternative solution for marine crafts

What is RentUgo?

RentUgo evaluates your credit based on your capacity to reimburse rather than your credit history.

Our specialists are ready to help you make the right choices for your profile. You will be supported through the entire purchase process of your marine craft, no matter what your requirements are. We offer practical and flexible funding solutions to allow you to run in your favorite body of water.

Regardless of the type of craft, Rentugo offers customized financing.

Marine craft financing

Who uses RentUgo ?

RentUgo offers you a second chance to improve the quality of your time spent on the water. We are the alternative approach to lay aside the past, focus on the present and build your future.

The Marine craft of you choice
Customized financing solutions
A prompt, flexible and thorough service

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5 years
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$15 000

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4 easy steps to qualify for funding

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Frequently asked questions

RentUgo offers solutions to suit your needs

Low interest rates

What are the interest rates offered for marine crafts?

Interest rates are based on you income, your repayment capacity and your credit history.

Fragile finance state?

I have a mention of bankruptcy on record, am I still eligible?

Yes. If you have paid your contribution, your payments are up to date and you have filled the same job for 3 months with a $1200 per month income, you are eligible for RentUgo financing.
Who is RentUgo for ?

What are the eligibility criteria ?

  • 18 years old +
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Employed for at least 3 months
  • Canadian resident
  • A minimum income of $1200 per month
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Types of marine crafts

Why fund your marine craft with RentUgo ?

RentUgo offers turnkey service ! Our approval criteria are suited to your needs. A solution that is beneficial to all.

Financing request

Cruiser boats

Pleasure boats


Jet boats

Fishing boats


Rentugo Marine Craft Financing

Thousands of Quebecers have chosen RentUgo for funding their marine vessels

Steve Ouellet

RentUgo made my family's dream come true! From now on, we can go out on the water every weekend of the summer!

Claire et Paul

After all these hectic years of career, we wanted to live our dreams with peace of mind. With RentUgo's help, we are able to enjoy retirement to the fullest.

Olivier Castonguay

My experience was fast and efficient ! I loved working with RentUgo, they are professionals.

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Rentugo Marine Craft Financing

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With RentUgo, financing your marine vessel is fast and secure. You will be on the water faster than you think!

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