Every year, vacation rhymes with adventure, and adventure rhymes with RV comfort. More and more of you want to buy one, so we're taking stock to help you choose.

A recreational vehicle is like a house, and choosing one is almost as complicated. You need to pay attention to these few things before making the purchase.


The price of your RV will depend on:

- The type: Between a towable RV and a motorized RV, there is a big difference in terms of maintenance bills. The towable RV is the least expensive because it does not have any mechanical components such as engine, transmission and differential, etc. The options available to you with a towable RV and a motorized RV are also very different. Think about it before choosing, with a motorized RV, if you don't have a small vehicle to attach behind it, you won't be able to move around once you're set up where you're camping, while a towable RV allows you to stabilize your cabin and then walk around as you please.

- The Size: When it comes to recreational vehicles, size matters a lot. The bigger it is, the more it will cost. You also need to think about winter storage and regular maintenance.

- the accessories: the surface area, the number of beds, the supplies to make each corner functional, the batteries, and the bike racks, etc. All of these elements, when added up, will weigh on the final bill. To make things easier for you, it's best to have a good list of your needs before looking at the available models.

Note that if you opt for a towable RV, you must think about the towing capacity of your vehicle, it must be sufficient to not create problems on your main vehicle. At this point, you have to consider the weight of the towable RV and its contents because most of the time, we refer to its empty weight. For motorized recreational vehicles, fuel varies from 12 to 30 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, it is advisable to travel light, at moderate speed, on relatively flat roads to minimize consumption.


As mentioned earlier in this article, maintaining a recreational vehicle is no small task. Fortunately, it comes with a good detailed maintenance manual. We recommend that you follow everything carefully and deal with specialists when the time comes.

  • Don't leave anything to chance, from the oil change, the coolant, the brakes to be checked every 6,000 to 7,000 km or so, the battery, without forgetting the lights and the tires.
  • Make sure that the panels are watertight to avoid devastating water infiltration. As for the accessories such as the water heater, the electric awning, the air conditioner, and other devices that make up the vehicle, examine them regularly to avoid damage that may seem minor but could lead to unpleasant surprises.
  • If you have opted for a used motorized recreational vehicle, you must be thorough in your pre-purchase inspection. If possible, have a mechanic check all aspects of the vehicle with you to avoid surprises.
  • Remember to have your recreational vehicle inspected every year and choose a good insurer that will cover the damage, especially if you travel outside of Quebec, check the details of your insurance as there may be a good difference in the amount of coverage needed. Remember to have the roadside assistance option, you will be quickly out of trouble in case of breakdown and maybe also the travel insurance.
  • Whether you choose a new or used RV, make sure you have adequate mechanical protection to avoid unexpected expenses that can sometimes be very high. Technology continues to advance and all types of vehicles are becoming more complex.

You must be a good driver with an RV. As they say, caution is the number one rule! Drive carefully at a reasonable speed, always keep a good distance from the vehicle in front of you, be aware of blind spots because you are driving a large vehicle. If you are not used to driving with a trailer, it is better to review your driving lessons, because it changes your driving style completely.

You are now ready! Make your choice and prepare your adventure!

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