After this Covid-19 pandemic, people are avoiding public transportation and are rushing to buy cars. Those who can afford it are even buying new luxury cars. For some, the key is to buy a new vehicle at an affordable price.

Some manufacturers have taken advantage of the opportunity to make you happy. Here are a few models under $20,000.

Vehicles with manual transmission

Most of the vehicles we have selected for you are built with a manual transmission. Rest assured, the manufacturers have focused on your driving comfort. Here is an original selection to help you choose among all these types of vehicles.

1- Nissan Sentra S 2022 with manual transmission: priced at $19,498 + $1,830 in fees.

This compact sedan with manual transmission is economical and practical. The Japanese brand has given this vehicle a better design that makes it more manageable than its competitors. Dynamic and comfortable, it will offer you a great experience on the road.

2- The MITSUBISHI Mirage ES 2020 with manual transmission: priced at $12,298 + $1,575 in fees.

We all recognize the SUV manufacturer that didn't hesitate to impress you with a city version. This vehicle is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, a little less powerful than the Chevrolet Spark. Despite its low power, it thrills its drivers with its dynamism on the road with its manual transmission.

3- Hyundai Venue Essential 2022 with manual transmission: priced at $18,199 + $1,825 fee.

HYUNDAI built it on the same platform as the ACCENT. This vehicle is somewhat similar to the NISSAN Kicks but with only two-wheel drive. Its new utilitarian look does not go unnoticed. The HYUNDAI Venue, an economical model designed with a manual transmission that will delight its drivers.

4- The 2020 KIA Rio LX with manual transmission: priced at $15,495 + $1800 in fees.

The manufacturer is faithful to the subcompact model. Overwhelmed by the desire to satisfy demand, the 2021 version is already in the works.

5- The 2021 NISSAN Versa S with manual transmission: priced at $16,498 + $1800 in fees.

After the MICRA, the manufacturer wants to win back the hearts of its fans by producing a car at a more affordable price. NISSAN has made a comeback with the Versa sedan for the year 2021. This comeback will bring out the new VERSA concept with a manual transmission.

6- The 2020 KIA Forte LX with a manual transmission: priced at $17,695 + $1,645 in fees.

Did you know that the Korean manufacturer shares its platform and mechanical components with the Hyundai Elantra? Only the bodywork and exterior styling differ. And of course, the price offered at a few dollars less.

7- The 2021 HYUNDAI Elantra ESSENTIEL with manual transmission: priced at $17,899 + $1,725 in fees.

The automaker has outdone itself by designing a new silhouette for the 2021 Elantra. Despite this, it is among the economical ones.  This compact sedan is obviously designed with a manual transmission. Rest assured, Hyundai offers better manufacturer's guarantees, especially when it comes to equipment.

8- The TOYOTA Corolla L 2021 with manual transmission: priced at $19,150 + $1,670 in fees.

This car is considered a very reliable passenger vehicle. It offers a better ride not to mention its comfort compared to the Toyota Yaris. The manufacturer did not hold back when designing the Corolla L with a manual transmission.

9- The 2021 SUBARU Impreza Convenience with manual transmission: $19,995 with $1,800 in fees.

This car has always been a dream of many enthusiasts. Its looks and power will not leave you indifferent.

Make your choice and go shopping!

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